About me (Cara Corey)

I started my career as a features writer for newspapers, but eventually realized I wanted to invest my time in my lifelong passion for crafting. I started selling candles and other recycled crafts in 2008. I named that business after my grandmother, Mary Marie Mason, who was into creative reuse long before it was cool.

Eventually I started selling knit items and they completely took over my business. Mary Marie became Mary Marie Knits. I found that I loved knitting and crochet so much I couldn't stop (just ask my husband).

In addition to crafting, I love to cook. You can check out my recipes and more about my daily life on my blog, caracorey.com.

More fun facts: I grew up in Kansas, and after 10 years in Iowa, my husband Mike and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. I also share my home/studio with our daughter Harper, son Max, and our dog, Reggie. 

About my work

I gravitate toward simple and modern designs. I love watching rows become blocks become finished pieces, the quicker the better. I guess it was inevitable that I would find my way to oversized knitting patterns and unorthodox materials. Who says you can only knit with yarn?

I made my first pouf just for fun, but eventually they became my specialty. I started making more to sell in all different sizes, colors and materials. I'm working on new designs all the time. You can purchase some of my patterns for oversized knits at my other shop, Cara Corey Designs.  


Mary Marie Knits has been featured in:

Dallas Morning News
• Diablo Magazine
• CasaSugar
• Kirtsy
• Apartment Therapy
• Design for Mankind
• Making it Lovely